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part three - picspam juliet centric 3x01

I'm working on a 'little' project, and finished just with 3x01: A tale of two cities; Juliet centric.  
This is part three. &screencaps are all from
ataleoftwocitiesbeginplaatje.png picture by dess-xo

part 3 n9 picture by dess-xo
# Sawyer starts running as Karl runs in the other direction. Sawyer stops and tries to
get his bearings. Suddenly Juliet appears

- Hey.
# She smiles, then pulls a taser-like device and shoots Sawyer in the neck with a
dart that immediately drops him. We see Sawyer being dragged back to his cage
by Tom and another man. Once Sawyer is back in his cage, Tom drags Karl to
Sawyer's cage and shoves his face up to the bars

part 3 n10 picture by dess-xo
- So, you're a doctor, huh?
- No, I'm a repo woman. No strings attached. You don't have to answer any questions.
You don't have to do anything but sit with your back up against the far wall. Let me open
that door, put the plate down and leave. I know it feels like you're giving up, like you're
losing, if you do anything that I ask you to. But you're not. You need to eat. What do you say?
(Jack slowly moves to the far wall and sits)
- Thank you, Jack
(Juliet exits without giving Jack any food)

part 3 n11 picture by dess-xo

- Don't do this, Jack. Don't. Don't!
- Open the door.
-  No. I can't. I can't, Jack. I do that -- we die. I'm not. I'm not.
- I can't! I swear I can't!!
- She's telling the truth, Jack
- I swear to god, I will kill her
- Okay. Have her open the door and she dies anyway. We all do

part 3 n12 picture by dess-xo
- Jack, over here!
(Together they push the door closed)
- The button! The yellow button, the button!!
(Jack pushes the button and when he turns around Juliet clocks him, knocking him out.)

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