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part four - picspam juliet centric 3x01

I'm working on a 'little' project, and finished just with 3x01: A tale of two cities; Juliet centric.  
This is part four, the last part. &screencaps are all from
ataleoftwocitiesbeginplaatje.png picture by dess-xo

part four n14 picture by dess-xo
 - They called it the Hydra
- So you people are just whatever's leftover of them
Well, that was a long time ago. It doesn't matter who we were. It only matters who we are.
We know exactly who you are, Jack Sheppard

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- You don't know anything about me
- Juliet  tells him what she knows
How did you get...
- We got it.
- (referring to the file Juliet has): What is that?
- This, Jack, is your life

part four n picture16 by dess-xo
Jack. Jack. What would you like to find out?
-  Is she -- is she happy?
- Yes, Jack, she's very happy. Now, I'd like to bring you some food and water. But this time I
need to know that you'll behave. Can I trust you, Jack? Put your back against the wall, please.

-Good work, Juliet.
- Thank you, Ben

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